Can I Consume Multivitamin Every Day?

Illustration of Can I Consume Multivitamin Every Day?
Illustration: Can I Consume Multivitamin Every Day?

Hello, I want to ask. Because of the corona outbreak, my office requires its employees to take multivitamins such as imboost and enervon c every day, is that effective enough and can it be consumed in the long run? Even though we drink alternately

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Imboost is classified as an herbal medicine that works to increase the immune system. Imboost contains echinacea extract, black elderberry extract and zinc picolinate. These ingredients are useful in strengthening the immune system acute or recurrent in the respiratory tract.

While Enervon C multivitamin contains vitamin C 500 mg, niacinamide 50 mg, calcium pantothenate 20 mg, vitamin B1 (thiamine) 50 mg, vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 25 mg, vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) 10 mg and vitamin B12 5 mcg. Enervon C multivitamins also play a role in strengthening the body's defense system.

In general, both are quite effective in increasing endurance. However, it seems that the role of the herbal drug immboost or multivitamin Enervon C is more inclined to the non-specific immune system, which plays a role in the first defense post against infectious agents.

Long-term use is not recommended, especially imboost. Because imboost is a herbal medicine that has not followed all the stages of clinical trials like a doctor's drug, so the side effects and interactions with other drugs are not yet fully known. Moreover, imboost contains zinc picolinate, where the maximum intake of zinc is 40 mg per day. If consumed in excess, zinc can interfere with the absorption of other minerals.

Therefore, imboost must be consumed in accordance with the correct dosage. For adults, there are several products available, namely imboost tablet, imboost force and extra strength imboost force. For imboost tablets and imboost force, the dose is 3x1 tablets per day, while imboost force extra strength, the dose is 1 tablet per day.

For Enervon C multivitamin, it is generally quite safe for consumption. But in some people, some side effects can occur in the form of nausea, vomiting, skin redness, stomach ulcers, stomach aches, headaches, diarrhea or stomach cramps, especially in the use of exceeding the dosage rules. In addition, in vulnerable people, kidney stone formation can occur. Therefore, consume according to the rules. There are various Enervon C products, namely Enervon C multivitamin, Enervon C Multivitamin Effervescent and Ebervon C Active which are consumed 1 tablet per day.

In addition, may use supplements or herbal medicines intermittently, but this on the other hand can reduce its effectiveness. In addition, you should also consume lots of water, eat regularly according to a balanced nutritional pattern, get enough rest and exercise regularly. In accordance with the government's call for social distancing, you should avoid public places or crowds, unless it's very urgent. It is also recommended to always carry alcohol-based hand sanitizers with an alcohol content of at least 60%, if forced to leave the house.

In addition, also provides a free self-assessment facility, for everyone, to carry out independent checks on whether they have a high risk of being infected with the corona virus or not, which can be accessed here.

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