Can I Give Birth Normally If The Location Of The Anterior Placenta?

Good afternoon doctor. My doctor is currently pregnant with the first child uk 33 weeks. I want to ask the doctor. If the anterior placenta can give birth normally? And we are advised obstetricians to start walking in the morning / gymnastics pregnant doctor. I confused the doctor because the placenta was low instead of having bedrests to prevent bleeding. please the doctor’s solution. Thank you

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Hello Indah Thank you for asking

The placenta is the organ that connects the fetus to the mother, through which the placenta provides nutrients and oxygen to the fetus from the mother. The placenta will latch onto the maternal direction and can be located anteriorly (front of the uterus), posterior (behind the uterus), fundus (upper uterus). or are under the uterus so that it covers the birth canal.

Actually the location of the placenta anteriorly can still be done in normal labor. However, this condition must be ascertained by obstetricians and obstetricians through an ultrasound examination. That is why an ultrasound examination is carried out in addition to assessing fetal development as well as to see the condition of the placenta, especially in the third trimester to determine the labor process later. Normally when you are 33 weeks pregnant, there is still a possibility for the placenta to move. However, if the placenta stays in the same place then the placenta moves down covering the cervix or birth canal at week 40 will usually be performed by caesarean section.

Therefore, what needs to be considered is if the placenta is under the uterus so that it covers the birth canal or is medically called placenta previa. In cases where the location of the anterior placenta does have a risk of the placenta moving down so that it becomes nplasenta previa. But not all conditions will occur this.

Bedrest or total rest is recommended if you have a placenta located under the uterus or placenta previa. But that does not mean if you have an anterior placenta you must have a total bed rest like in placenta previa.

The following things might happen when you have an anterior placenta:

Because of the location of the placenta in front of the uterine wall, it is usually difficult for you to feel the fetus move first.

You will feel less fetal movement in the second trimester compared to previous pregnancies

Although it is located in front of the uterus, it will not interfere with the growth and development of your fetus

The anterior placenta can still give birth normally, and generally rarely cause complications. Unless the placenta is low or under the uterus which can cause complications, so it is usually recommended to do labor by cesarean section.

The placenta can still move by itself and it is still possible that the placenta lies below to move up the uterus.

So you should not worry too much about the location of the anterior placenta. It is better to stay focused on maintaining the health of your pregnancy. The most important thing is the routine control to your obstetrician and obstetrician in accordance with the recommendations, the doctor will then assess or re-evaluate the location of the placenta. Then when the time is close, discuss again about the labor process that you can do. If the location of the placenta is not below the uterus, and there are no complications, usually you can still give birth normally.

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