Can I Give Birth Normally If The Placenta Is Below?

Illustration of Can I Give Birth Normally If The Placenta Is Below?
Illustration: Can I Give Birth Normally If The Placenta Is Below?

… I want to ask about the danger of birth if giving birth is normal if the placenta is below and is there any act of giving birth other than through surgery …

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Good morning, thanks for asking at The condition where the placenta is located below is called the placenta previa. Generally, the placenta can indeed be under early pregnancy, but as the gestational age increases, the placenta will rise to its proper position. In the condition of placenta previa, the placenta stays below until it is near delivery.

The cause of this condition is still unknown with certainty, but among the factors that can increase the risk are:

Previous pregnancies also experienced placenta previa.
Fetal position is abnormal, for example breech or latitude.

35 years of age or older.

Smoking during pregnancy or abusing cocaine.
Having an abnormal uterine shape.
Not the first pregnancy.

Pregnant twins.
Never had a miscarriage.
Had surgery on the uterus

Regarding your question, if the placenta has completely closed the birth canal, unfortunately there is no way to remove it and have a normal delivery, delivery must be performed by cesarean delivery. Even for pregnant women with placenta previa, things that are normally allowed in pregnant women, such as having sex, exercising and medical examinations in the form of an obstetrician or midwife inserting their fingers into the vagina to find out the condition of the cervix, are not allowed because it can trigger bleeding. When there is bleeding, the blood that comes out can be so much that it threatens the safety of both the mother and the baby itself.

Therefore, for the safety of the mother and the fetus she is carrying, the doctor will usually not recommend that a normal delivery be performed, and prefers to expel the baby in another way namely by cesarean section. And for the safety of the lives of the mother and fetus, efforts should not be made other than those recommended by the obstetrician. So, hopefully answering your question.

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