Can I Give Intravenous Fluids For Adequate Nutrition?

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My grandfather is 81 years old, lately it’s hard to swallow and his digestion is not good, but he has to take a lot of medicine every day, such as drugs to lower blood pressure, blood flow smoothing drugs, medicine to heal leg wounds due to mutilation, but grandfather has difficulty swallowing medicine. drinking water also hurts his throat. Grandpa is getting thinner and thinner, so can grandpa be given intravenous infusion once a few days so that he is adequately nourished?rnrnNote: grandfather suffers from hypertension and blood flow blockage, the little finger of his left foot last year turned black and sick, November 2017 his leg was cut off because his finger was black and sore. But until now the cut wound has not healed, instead the pain is getting worse, until grandfather has to frequently take painkillers. Grandfather is a heavy smoker but grandfather does not suffer from diabetes.rn rnIs there a solution from the doctor?rnDo I need to send a photo of my grandfather’s leg wound?

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Hi Sanny, Thank you for your question on

Based on your story about your grandfather's illness, in his old age, various diseases will appear, although not everyone experiences them. Before I answer your question regarding whether or not your grandfather should be given intravenous fluids, I will first explain about the purpose of installing intravenous fluids, namely:

Replace lost fluids
As a substitute for nutrients from food that is difficult to enter or digestion is rested
To enter a drug that must enter the body
Improve acid base balance
Improve the volume of blood components

However, in the case of your grandfather, you should not give fluids carelessly, because infusion is a risk of infection, and has side effects, especially in your grandfather's case, you should take your grandfather to the hospital or to the nearest doctor, so that the doctor checks your grandfather's current condition. , and carry out supporting examinations such as blood pressure, and a chest X-ray to determine whether there is an enlarged heart or not, the doctor will determine the amount of fluid that can enter your grandfather, because excess fluid will actually worsen your grandfather's condition.

Some suggestions for you

Take care of your grandfather's wound, diligently cleaning it and changing the dressing
Give medicine regularly
If possible, attach an NG tube or a tube from the nose to the stomach that serves to insert food or medicine which if through the mouth is not possible, which of course the installation must be done by a doctor.
Pay attention to the food that comes in, it must be high in calories and high in protein

Thank you, hopefully useful. dr.Nurmarwiyah

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