Can I Pull A Tooth At The Age Of 20 Years And Over?

Illustration of Can I Pull A Tooth At The Age Of 20 Years And Over?
Illustration: Can I Pull A Tooth At The Age Of 20 Years And Over?

My teeth are porous 4, top 2 bottom 2, for the upper one can not feel anything, if the bottom of the left is sometimes broken, the right is often painful, often can it be pulled out? Is there a risk of removing permanent teeth at 24 years old?

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Tooth loss is very closely related to poor oral hygiene. Graham teeth are more prone to porous because it is located far behind, so it is often inaccessible when brushing teeth. If this loss occurs very deep until it reaches the pupla (tooth root), then there can be pain that is very intense intensity, made worse when the tooth is in contact with food that is too hot, too cold, or too hard. Not only that, porous reaching the pulp can also make microorganisms that often accumulate in cavities that go into blood vessels that spread to the area around the teeth (including gums), even to other distant organs. This condition certainly cannot be considered trivial, and must be dealt with quickly, also precisely.

Overcoming tooth loss can be done with a variety of actions, including one with extraction. There is no maximum limit on how old a person is safe doing tooth extraction. As long as there are medical indications that require it, tooth extraction may be done at any age. It's just that, after extracting a tooth, the possibility of the growth of new teeth to replace your retracted teeth is very small. Because, at the age of 24 years usually all teeth have changed to permanent teeth (adult teeth).

In addition, you also need to know, that not always this porous teeth must be removed immediately. If it is felt that the crown of the remaining tooth can still be maintained, the doctor can also make fillings on porous teeth.

In determining the best treatment for porous teeth, your doctor needs to evaluate the condition of your teeth and mouth carefully. Further tests, such as panoramic x-rays, can also be done by a doctor to assess the depth of loss, including the risk of infection around the teeth that may arise. Therefore, you should not hesitate to go to the nearest dentist, okay?

In the meantime, so that the pain in your gums improves, you can take the drug paracetamol first. Also improve your teeth and mouth hygiene so that tooth decay doesn't get worse.

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