Can I Still Breastfeed After FAM Surgery?

morning … my rahma that I want to ask r n1.what is it after the operation that is still msh r nlrr hrs but must be pumped or diklrkn .. if not r ndiklrkn what is the risk … if it can arise r return the fam. r n2.bgaimn if I want brhnt to help breastfeed for my child postoperatively r n3. can it be possible if postoperatively the fam ation is not r ndelivered because I want to r n stop building ASI and I do not like milk by r nwith sulfor because prior to my operation, right now r nsulfor wlw even though I really can’t bear that I want to thank you

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Hi Rahmah,

Thank you for asking

Need to be clarified, how old is your baby now? What symptoms of FAM do you experience?

FAM (fibroadenoma mammae) is a type of benign tumor in the breast. Frequently, these tumors are small and have no potential to be malignant, so they do not require special treatment. However, there are also several types of FAM (for example giant fibroadenoma or phyllodes tumor) that can develop into a size large enough and potentially develop into malignant, so it needs to be removed immediately, namely by surgery.

In fact, there is no prohibition for women who have undergone FAM surgery to re-breastfeed their babies. Indeed, in some conditions, the former FAM operation can re-enlarge or swell when breastfeeding due to hormonal influences. However, after you stop breastfeeding later, then the enlarged ex-FAM operation will deflate by itself, so you don't need to worry.

If your condition is currently breastfeeding, especially if your baby is still quite small (less than 1 year), you should still breastfeed with it. Compared to formula milk, your milk is far more beneficial for your baby, because it can increase endurance, optimize growth, while preventing the risk of gastrointestinal disorders, such as vomiting, diarrhea, colic, constipation, and so on. Breastfed babies are also widely studied as having higher levels of intelligence.

After surgery, you should keep milking you. Not milking milk can make your milk settle in the breast which causes blocked ducts. This condition can lead to mastitis (breast parenchymal infection), which can make your breasts swell, feel pain, fever, chills, and even bleed and pus. However, a few days after the operation, the milk that you milk should not be given directly to your baby, for fear that there is an influence of drugs that you used before during surgery. Consult directly with your doctor, surgeon or obstetrician, regarding when is the best time for you to re-breastfeed your baby.

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