Can I Take Hormone Pills To Tighten The Breasts?

Illustration of Can I Take Hormone Pills To Tighten The Breasts?
Illustration: Can I Take Hormone Pills To Tighten The Breasts?

sya vina 24th. Can you take Chinese extrogen hormone pills? Because the breasts sag after completing the feeding period ???

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Hello Vina,

The pill you are referring to is a pill containing the hormone levonorgestrel (synthetic progestin) and the hormone quinestrol (synthetic estrogen). Two of these hormones are commonly contained in birth control pills. The hormones estrogen and progesterone are two hormones produced in the human body that function to regulate the menstrual cycle. And you should experience a menstrual cycle, there are times when you feel your breasts firmer, bigger and painful, as well as the effects that arise on the use of these pills.

The provision of hormonal pills has the main objectives for example as contraception (prevention of pregnancy), regulate the menstrual cycle in patients with menstrual cycle disorders, or to overcome hormonal deficiencies in menopausal women. Side effects of using hormonal pills are:

 Headaches Nausea Breast feels large and tense Emotional changes Sexual arousal disorders Weight gain The use of hormonal pills can make a slight change in the size of your breasts, due to fluid retention in the body, resulting in swelling (one of them in the breast). But these side effects only last a few months and the breasts will return to their original size. Breast size will also return smaller after the drug is stopped.

This hormonal pill should not be used carelessly if the patient has a history of heart disease, blood vessel obstruction, pregnancy, bleeding from the vagina whose diagnosis is unknown, suffering from liver dysfunction, breast or uterine cancer.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding the breast size becomes larger, but after that it will shrink and appear sagging. This is due to excessive stretching of the ligaments that support the breasts so that they become sagging afterwards as well as reduced elasticity of the breast skin. Some factors that can make your breasts look more sagging are: gravity, large breast size, smoking, genetic makeup, repeated pregnancy (many children), aging, exercising or doing activities without the use of a bra that supports the breast properly.

Some ways to reduce breast sagging after breastfeeding are:

 Use a special bra for breastfeeding mothers Decrease body weight slowly Don't smoke Use a moisturizer for breast skin Sports such as push ups or other exercises to train chest muscles can increase muscle mass behind breast tissue, does not improve sagging conditions but can slightly improve the appearance of breasts and also has good effects for health Drinking enough water Until now, effective measures to improve the shape of sagging breasts become tight after delivery is with breast augmentation surgery or breast lift. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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