Can I Take Multivitamin For A Long Term?

Illustration of Can I Take Multivitamin For A Long Term?
Illustration: Can I Take Multivitamin For A Long Term?

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Nowadays multivitamins can be found in a variety of products, ranging from drinks, powder, tablets or in capsule form. Multivitamins and minerals are micronutrient components that are beneficial for health. Referred to as micronutrients because the body does not need the amount for the fulfillment of these nutrients.

Nowadays multivitamins are widely used as daily supplements for the purpose of keeping the body fit, avoiding disease, increasing endurance and fulfilling the nutrition of pregnant women. Even if the daily diet is balanced, then additional daily supplements do not need to be done.

Vitamins and minerals are well tolerated by the body. Lack of these components will certainly cause abnormalities and disorders of the body oada, but if excessive it will not cause a significant effect. Until now, there have not been many studies that examined the multivitamin and mineral overdose in supplement form regarding possible side effects. But that does not mean excess consumption of vitamins will not bring any impact. For example, excessive consumption of vitamin C and zinc is at risk of causing nausea, diarrhea and abdominal pain. Selenium if consumed in excess will cause hair loss, disorders of the digestive tract and minimal damage to nerve fibers. Excessive consumption of vitamin D can cause heart problems. Excess iron in pregnant women who are not anemic is also at risk of causing negative impacts such as low birth weight and premature birth. Excessive iron also increases cell-level oxidative stress so that it can cause free radicals in the body.

The body also has a cleansing mechanism, which is to get rid of excessive and unused substances. Excess vitamins in the body will also be processed in the kidneys to be removed if the amount in the body is excessive.

Take vitamin and mineral supplements according to the dosage listed on the package, or according to your doctor's instructions. Also not recommended to increase the dose of vitamin supplements because it will not provide more benefits. Therefore, taking supplements for the long term is not prohibited, but you should still follow the regulated dose. Keep on doing a healthy lifestyle by consuming healthy, nutritious and balanced food so that the needs of micronutrients and micronutrients are met properly. If necessary, consult with a clinical nutrition specialist doctor to get more complete and relevant information. So much information that I can convey, hopefully it helps

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