Can I Use Rain Water For Bathing And Daily Use?

Illustration of Can I Use Rain Water For Bathing And Daily Use?
Illustration: Can I Use Rain Water For Bathing And Daily Use?

The house of his uncle died, it was already the 2nd day. Well, I already have a new child, aged 10 months. fall from the sky (?) Because right here the water is all dead.

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Rain is a natural phenomenon of water falling from heaven to earth. Basically rain is a natural phenomenon and the resulting rainwater is pure water that can be even cleaner than water in the soil. Unfortunately many people are not aware of the benefits of rainwater and instead think rainwater is dangerous which causes fever, headaches and colds.

There are pros and cons about the use and benefits of rainwater for life. Basically rainwater and groundwater are both good for use. But just as groundwater is not directly reduced, rainwater also needs to be considered for storage and processing before use.

Ground water is not always easy to obtain. At certain times, rather than having to waste rainwater, it's better to take the benefits of rainwater for various purposes. Before using rain water, here are a few things you should pay attention to:

 Make sure to collect rainwater in a clean place so it is not contaminated with other impurities. Do not directly collect fresh rainwater. Wait until 15-20 minutes after it rains, because dangerous pollutants will come down with the first rain water. Catch rain water that falls directly from the sky, not water that falls through the roof. The water that has passed through the roof is not guaranteed cleanliness. After the rain stops, save the water by closing it tightly. If you want the efficacy of rain water, do not consume it directly but must be cooked first. Safer water should not have a disturbing taste, color or aroma. If you find the water, it is better not to use it both for daily purposes such as washing or bathing, especially for cooking.

so it does not matter you use rainwater for your daily life when the water is dead. the most important thing is according to what I said above.

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