Can I Use The N95 Mask Over And Over?

Illustration of Can I Use The N95 Mask Over And Over?
Illustration: Can I Use The N95 Mask Over And Over?

Good morning. I want to ask, yesterday I was after an action with a patient who was suspected of having traveled from out of town with symptoms of a cold, cough, fever .. I used the n95 mask when taking blood samples only after that the n95 mask was discarded or allowed to be washed again? just minutes

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In the medical staff and medical staff who are on the front line of care and handling of patients with Covid-19, the standard standards for preventing Covid-19 infection from being transmitted to the medical service are required, namely by using PPE according to the specified standards. One of the medics used in the process of contact with patients is the use of N95 masks, where these masks have filtration fabric and polypropylene which can help prevent bacterial contamination from entering your airway, as long as you do not hold the inside of the N95 mask.

In general, this mask is used once and then discarded to prevent the loss of the function of the N95 mask to prevent transmission of infection, some conditions where the n95 mask is disposed of, namely:

When the mask comes in contact with the patient's blood
The inside of the mask is in contact with hands or other materials
When the mask comes in contact with fluid from the patient's airways
When in contact with a patient's body fluids
If the condition of the mask has made you difficult or uncomfortable to breathe

So that recommendations for repeated use are not recommended because they increase the risk of transmission of infection due to decreased function of N95.

However, because at this time the conditions are very difficult, related to the lack of PPE and the need is also high, some experts provide steps to re-use the N95 if it has to be done. Some steps that can be done are:

Prepare several masks to reuse, give numbering outside the mask, so you know which mask is allowed to dry. Place the mask at room temperature and avoid contact with other people, indirect contact with metal, or UV light. Leave the mask on for 3-4 days. Use a mask that has been allowed to stand for 3-4 days, and should be used after the second, not used anymore or not reused again. Storage at room temperature with data where Covid cannot survive outside the body after 3-4 days is data held to avoid viral load still contaminating masks. Place the mask away from other N95 masks to prevent contamination
Another method is to hang the mask in the oven at 70 degrees celsius for 30 minutes, this is based on data where Covid cannot live at 65 degrees after 30 minutes
Follow the instructions of your agency or local health office to get the safety of using PPE in your job

By following the standard procedure of your institution or the authorized body for the management of N95 masks for reuse, your security in duty is maintained properly and prevents the transmission of the disease.

Therefore, discuss it with your supervisor or an authorized doctor in your agency to get more accurate information.

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