Can Immunity Prevent Corona Virus?

Illustration of Can Immunity Prevent Corona Virus?
Illustration: Can Immunity Prevent Corona Virus?

Hello doc, if your body’s immunity is strong, can we get Corona virus?

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The existence of immunity possessed by every human being has the duty to fight against the entry of germ or microorganisms which are detrimental so that they do not cause illness in the human body. Basically, fungal, bacterial and viral infections can enter the human body at any age, any gender, or different economic status. So that in healthy people, where the immune system is good and the immune system is good, at one time microorganism infections can enter the body and trigger complaints of illness, be it fungal, parasitic, bacterial, or viral infections. All microorganisms can enter the body but can provide different immune responses. For example in the case of measles infection, with the immune system, patients can recover in 5 days-7 days, but there are also those who need recovery for more than 7 days and there are also those who experience complications due to measles infection, such as diarrhea, respiratory problems, disorders of the brain until Dead. Because measles can be controlled with a healthy lifestyle and vaccination, dangerous complications can be prevented as early as possible.

Likewise with Covid-19 infection, the body's immune system that has been formed can fight Covid-19 virus infection with various clinical forms of the patient. In general, Covid-19 infection can provide a clinical response in the form of infected patients without symptoms, patients who experience mild symptoms, and Covid patients with moderate or severe symptoms. Each of these clinical responses is related to the condition of the immune system of every human being, where every possible clinical condition of a patient from asymptomatic can develop into a severe and risky Covid infection. However, there are also many patients with Covid-19 who are positive but do not provide clinically significant symptoms or patients without symptoms, this may be related to the body's immune system working to attack the virus and maintain the body to stay healthy and recover quickly. So many cases of patients infected with Covid-19 experience recovery and recovery even though antiviral and vaccines have not been found. Over time, experts will continue to study Covid-19 virus infections and understand the risks and implications, which further provide opportunities for the manufacture of antivirals and / or vaccines for humanity.

So it can be illustrated, by increasing the body's immune system from an early age and making government recommendations for the prevention of Covid-19 infection, it is hoped that it can prevent Covid-19 infection and help shorten patient recovery time. The existence of the body's immune system that is owned by everyone and supported by positive efforts to prevent infection, has a major role in maintaining the standard of general body health and preventing the entry of infections as early as possible. The immune system and government recommendations cannot stand alone to prevent infection.

For more detailed information, you can audit all the latest information from the Ministry of Health and update the latest news relating to Covid-19. Thus, you have accurate information relating to the development, prevention and treatment of Covid-19 infections in Indonesia or the world.

For now, some things you need to consider, such as:

Keep enough sleep
Avoid sleeping late
Avoid physical fatigue
Avoid gathering and group activities
Staying at home is wiser
Do social distancing
Eat healthy and nutritious foods and have enough fluids
Get used to maintain cleanliness and get used to washing hands
Use a mask if you are worried
Enough light exercise around your yard to help increase your stmian

Thus the info we can convey.

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