Can Induction Aid In Opening?

Illustration of Can Induction Aid In Opening?
Illustration: Can Induction Aid In Opening?

Afternoon I want to ask, I am 9 months pregnant and this is my first pregnancy and it has passed Hpl and only 2 openings, I want to ask if the drip / induction procedure can help the opening?

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Childbirth is a process that pregnant women can be waiting for. This process occurs gradually, starting from the appearance of more frequent contractions, the lowering of the fetal head into the birth canal to the release of the fetus from the mother's womb.

In the labor process itself, there are many things that affect, such as power (the strength of the mother's contractions), passage (birth canal) and also the passenger (size and position of the baby).

One of the things that becomes the benchmark for this process is the opening of the birth canal. The birth canal that opens is also influenced by many things, such as whether the birth canal is adequate compared to the size of the baby, whether the cervix is ​​softened, whether there are things that bother you such as lumps and others.

The act of drip or induction, is the act of using drugs which have a function if all the things that affect the delivery process are within normal limits while the mother's contractions are inadequate. Where this drug helps the process by increasing uterine contractions from the mother. However, if given not as indicated, it can cause unwanted things. Therefore, the giving must go through an examination process first, because there are many considerations in giving according to indications.

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