Can Intestinal Tuberculosis Be Contagious And Come Back After Surgery?

Illustration of Can Intestinal Tuberculosis Be Contagious And Come Back After Surgery?
Illustration: Can Intestinal Tuberculosis Be Contagious And Come Back After Surgery?

I want to ask, my brother was diagnosed with intestinal tuberculosis and yesterday had surgery and a lump was taken between the colon and appendix .. what I want to ask, is intestinal tuberculosis contagious? And after surgery to take the lumps, can intestinal tuberculosis come back? Thank you and wrong health …

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Hello Hannif.

Thank you for the question.

Tuberculosis or tuberculosis is a disease caused by infection with the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This disease is divided into 2, namely pulmonary tuberculosis and extra pulmonary tuberculosis (other than lung). Pulmonary tuberculosis is tuberculosis in our lungs and extra pulmonary tuberculosis can be found in other organs such as the intestines, brain and spine, heart, lymph nodes, urinary tract, skin, bones and joints, outer part of the lungs, and skin. Tuberculosis in the intestine is known as Intestinal TB. The causes of intestinal tuberculosis are:

through swallowed sputum, either from the patient's own condition with pulmonary TB or from food and drinks contaminated with TB germs
spread along with the bloodstream
spread directly due to infection with TB germs in the area near the intestine
spread through the lymph nodes

Not everyone can get extra pulmonary tuberculosis. Extra-pulmonary tuberculosis only in people with conditions such as:

malnutrition or malnutrition
decreased immunity such as HIV / AIDS, long-term use of corticosteroid drugs, organ transplantation
drug addicts

Symptoms in intestinal tuberculosis:

abdominal pain
stomach felt hard and tightened
bowel obstruction
decreased appetite
weight loss

Transmission of TB germs is through the sputum produced by patients with pulmonary TB. This phlegm will spread through the air when coughing, sneezing, and saliva. So, if your younger sibling only has intestinal TB without suffering from pulmonary TB, there is no potential for it to spread to other people.

Treatment of intestinal tuberculosis is to provide antibiotic treatment with OAT (AntiTuberculosis Medicine) under the supervision of a doctor for 9 months or more depending on the severity of the disease. The surgical decision making in cases of intestinal tuberculosis is to treat complications arising from intestinal tuberculosis or to confirm the diagnosis. If the patient responds well to OAT therapy, there will be no recurrence.

Hopefully my explanation can answer the question.


dr. Kresnawati Wahyu Setiono

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