Can It Overcome Chocolate Cysts Without Surgery?

Illustration of Can It Overcome Chocolate Cysts Without Surgery?
Illustration: Can It Overcome Chocolate Cysts Without Surgery?

Tonight … I was 30 years old … I suffered from a chocolate cyst … a year ago I was operating and 4 months later it was said to recur again even 3 months later the cyst was actually sent and right … I was confused …. I am afraid if the operation again … my cholesterol is also high above the last 240’s check … blood sugar during normal surgery but when it is not checked again … please enlighten me … besides surgery what can the power do to get rid of cysts I … everyday I consume bitter melon fruit that I brewed with hot water and lemon juice ….. is there another way … thank you in advance ….

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Hello Isha, thank you for asking.

Brown cyst or also known as ovarian endometrioma is a form of ovarian cyst caused by endometrial tissue attached to the ovary. People with endometriosis have a higher risk for these cysts to occur. This cyst contains brownish liquid which is the result of a red blood cell overhaul. Ovarian cysts are divided into functional cysts and non-functional cysts. Functional cysts are generally small, cause no symptoms, and can disappear on their own within 2-3 months. Non-functional cysts can generally be enlarged, can cause pain, and cannot disappear on their own.

Some doctors will prescribe a birth control pill to treat functional cysts. But the KB pill cannot be used for non-functional cysts. Endometrioma is a non-functional cyst. Treatment for endometrioma is surgery. The doctor may suggest observing cysts as long as the cyst is not enlarged, causes no symptoms, and does not rupture. But if the cysts get bigger and bigger, cause symptoms of pain and menstrual disorders, or the cysts burst, the doctor will recommend surgery.

So far there is no medicine or herbal therapy that is scientifically proven to eliminate endometrioma cysts. You can continue to consume these health drinks as long as there are no digestive complaints, but the effectiveness in curing cysts is unknown.

Please discuss with your doctor who treats you about the choice of action. Please remember that if one day your cyst is suspected to lead to malignancy, the doctor will recommend that surgery be performed immediately. Thus our brief review, hopefully useful. Regards.

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