Can ITP Sufferers Go On A Diet?

Illustration of Can ITP Sufferers Go On A Diet?
Illustration: Can ITP Sufferers Go On A Diet?

Mlm doctor … Greetings I know Nuri from Bogor … I want to do if ITP sufferers may go on a diet. If you can diet like what you can live … If you really can’t, please explain the reason … thank you …

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Hello. Thank you for the question submitted to We can understand the concern you feel.

In general, the recommended diet for patients with ITP (immune thrombocytopenic purpura) is a whole and clean concept. Whole means that patients need to choose foods that are not packaged or processed. This is useful to give the body more energy intake and prevent complaints from weakness. Therefore, recommended foods include:

Whole fruit (not served as fruit juice)
Vegetables, especially green leafy ones
Chicken without skin, for example the chicken breast
Fish, for example: salmon
Healthy sources of fat, for example: avocados, olive oil
Whole-wheat cereal
Wheat bread
Low-fat dairy products

When consuming vegetables and fruit, it is advisable to choose organic products, namely fruits and vegetables that have fewer pesticides.

Meanwhile, patients with ITP are also advised to avoid foods that can aggravate the symptoms of ITP. If the patient does not yet know which foods can trigger symptoms, it is advisable to make a food journal / journal so that he can trace back any food eaten and is associated with changes in the frequency or severity of symptoms of the disease. In general, some foods that are recommended to be avoided because they can trigger ITP symptoms include:

Red meat
Saturated fats, for example: whole milk products (which are not low in fat)
Oil not derived from plants, for example: butter, margarine
Fruits and vegetables that have a blood-thinning effect (thin the blood), for example: tomatoes, onions
Fast food
Canned food

Do not hesitate to consult with an internist who treats you about the eating arrangements you need. To enrich insights, you can read articles about dietary recommendations for ITP patients. Thus information from us. May be useful.

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