Can KB Injection After Curette?

Illustration of Can KB Injection After Curette?
Illustration: Can KB Injection After Curette?

Hello my name is melia I am 22 years old on March 12th, I am curetted because my baby died in the womb 22week I have an ultrasound result, thank God, the womb is good, the doctor does not recommend KB, but if you are still afraid, you may be a KB. Can I inject before menstruation ?? And what if after the curette continues to inject injections it becomes difficult to have children?

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Hello Melia,

Thank you for the question.

Previously, we were also concerned about the exam that befell you. May Allah SWT reward your patience and sincerity with multiple rewards and better blessings in the future. Aamiin

After the curette, some doctors (not all) will advise you not to get pregnant again immediately to give your uterus and reproductive organs time to recover as they were and are ready to return to carrying a new fetus. However, how long it is recommended to postpone pregnancy can certainly differ depending on your condition. Not infrequently, you can also be allowed to immediately get pregnant again provided that the entire remaining tissue of your previous pregnancy is clean.

If you and your partner decide to postpone pregnancy even though the doctor has allowed it, you can use contraception. There are several types of contraception you can use, and the selection needs to be based on a variety of factors, including age, body posture, vital signs, plans to get pregnant again in the future, history of pregnancy and previous childbirth, and also your general health condition. So, it is not precisely determined whether or not you are using an injectable birth control only by online consultation like this huh ..

As long as it is used correctly, injectable birth control can be very effective in preventing pregnancy. This KB can be injected at any time, including before menstruation. It's just that, before you get the KB injection, you need to make sure that the KB is indeed suitable for you to use, namely by checking with your doctor first. In this way, of course the doctor can also make sure that you are not pregnant while having a family planning injection. It should also be understood, that after being first injected, family planning injections cannot immediately work effectively to prevent pregnancy, but it takes 5-7 days. So, if you want to have sex after 1 week after first birth control, you and / or your partner should use safety first ..

Indeed, some injectable birth control (often 3-month injection KB) will make it more difficult for users to get pregnant after their use is stopped. However, these side effects often only last for a while, and will improve as long as you are disciplined to live a healthy lifestyle, manage stress well, and do not carelessly take drugs or other herbs without consulting a doctor first.

Therefore, as we have explained above, ideally you should still see a doctor or obstetrician first so that the right type of contraception is chosen, and when is the best time to start using it. However, given that currently outbreaks of COVID-19, then You are advised to only see a doctor in urgent cases. So, if it is not urgent, it is safer if you and your partner postpone pregnancy planning independently, such as interrupted intercourse, and the use of condoms or diaphragms, before seeing a doctor.

Hope this helps ...

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