Can Kidney Disease Cause Death?

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Illustration: Can Kidney Disease Cause Death?


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There are various types of kidney disease, some are acute, some are chronic, some are mild, and some are severe. If your friend checks a month before and there is no disturbance in his kidney function, then it is possible that the kidney disorder experienced is acute. Examples of acute kidney disease that is dangerous to cause death is acute kidney failure.

Acute kidney failure can occur due to many things, including:

interruption of blood flow to the kidneys, for example due to blood loss or loss of fluid very much, side effects of drugs, heart attacks and heart failure, infections throughout the body (sepsis), liver failure, severe allergic reactions, severe burns, etc.
damage to kidney cells, for example due to renal artery blockage, glomerulonephritis, uremic hemolytic syndrome, kidney infections, nephrotoxic drugs, use of certain types of alcohol, use of illegal drugs (eg cocaine), tumor lysis syndrome, etc.
obstruction in the urinary tract, for example due to urinary stones or kidney stones, blood clots in the urinary tract, tumors in the urinary tract or around the urinary tract, prostate enlargement, etc.

Symptoms that can be found in acute kidney failure such as decreased urination, swelling in the body, shortness of breath, weakness and fatigue, nausea, vomiting, confusion, to cause seizures and decreased consciousness in very severe cases. To be able to know with certainty the cause of the death of your friend, it helps you inquire directly with the doctor who treats your friend. You can ask more clearly the basis for establishing your friend's diagnosis and its causes so that you are more receptive to your friend's death and the diagnosis of the cause of death.

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