Can Kidney Disease Sufferers Be Compressed With Ice Cubes?

if a person with kidney disease is okay, can I compress this ice cube? My sick father? Thank you.

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Hello, thank you for the question to

First I want to confirm a few things:

What kidney disease does your father have? Has it been diagnosed by a doctor?
What symptoms are experienced so that you want to compress with ice cubes?
Which part do you want to compress with ice cubes?

Basically there are no restrictions on compressing ice cubes in people with kidney disease. However, it is better to clarify the reason you want to compress with ice cubes because not all conditions can be overcome with ice packs. Even some conditions can worsen with cold compresses. For example, if your father has a high fever, giving a compress with ice cubes can worsen the fever and is not recommended to do. If your father experiences leg pain caused by a blockage in the arteries, then compressing the foot with ice cubes can cause more severe pain.

Therefore, we encourage you to clarify your question so we can provide a more direct answer.

So much information from me, hopefully enough answer

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