Can Kidney Sufferers Consume Acidic Water?

Illustration of Can Kidney Sufferers Consume Acidic Water?
Illustration: Can Kidney Sufferers Consume Acidic Water?

Good night … Can patients with kidney disease drink acidic water?

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Hello Rifai, thank you for asking.

The answer to your question depends on what type of kidney disease you are referring to. Maybe what you mean is kidney failure, kidney stones, or other abnormalities. The function of the kidneys is to filter (re-absorb) and reabsorb (absorb) water, ions, and other molecules found in blood plasma. Water, ions, and substances that are not needed by the body will be removed from the body in the form of urine.

In the condition of kidney failure, impaired normal kidney function. The more severe kidney failure, the more severe kidney function decline. That is why in patients with kidney failure and other kidney disorders, the volume of fluid intake and the type of fluid intake is highly considered and must be aware of. You should not consume any drinks other than those recommended by the doctor who treats you. Disrupted kidneys are very sensitive to changes in acid and base levels in blood plasma. It is also possible that the acids found in these drinks, increase the levels of acid in blood plasma. Disturbed kidneys, it will be difficult to buffer the increase in acid levels.

Therefore, our advice is, consult with a treating doctor if you want to consume drinks other than water. Follow your doctor's instructions regarding the volume and type of fluid you should consume. So the answers from me, I hope you get the benefit. Regards.

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