Can Kwashiorkor Recover Completely?

Illustration of Can Kwashiorkor Recover Completely?
Illustration: Can Kwashiorkor Recover Completely?

Can kwashiokor’s disease completely recover?

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Kwashiorkor is a form of severe malnutrition that affects many infants and children in developing countries who do not get protein intake as well as essential nutrients in eating and drinking. This condition is characterized by edema, which is the accumulation of interstitial fluid in various parts of the body, especially the abdomen and legs. Not only that, this condition also causes the sufferer to lose muscle mass drastically, reddish skin rashes that appear flaky or chapped, dry, dull, and brittle hair, easy to get infections, height is not optimal, easily tired, restless, rough nails or cracked, and so on. Directly this condition is not deadly. However, the impact of kwashiorkor can make sufferers very vulnerable to infections, including serious infections that can be deadly.

If detected early and handled properly, kwashiorkor is not impossible to recover completely. But this diagnostic step of causes, complications, and concomitant diseases of kwashiorkor is indeed not easy to do, because it must involve a series of examinations, including structured interviews, blood tests, stool tests, measurements of body fluid content, measurements of body mass index, hair biopsy or skin, and many again other examination procedures adapted to the patient's condition.

Therefore, before developing into more serious complications, kwashiorkor sufferers need to have their condition checked directly by a doctor, pediatrician (if the patient is still a baby or a child), or a nutritionist so that it can be treated further ... Handling of kwashiorkor is usually done by supplementation supplementary food, milk or special food products, and other treatments tailored to complaints, complications, or infections experienced by patients. The healing time for this disease can also vary, some are fast (less than 1 month) or slow (up to months) depending on the severity of the condition, the cause of the complaint, the onset of treatment, and the patient's body response to the treatment given.

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