Can Low Hemoglobin Levels Affect Male Fertility?

Illustration of Can Low Hemoglobin Levels Affect Male Fertility?
Illustration: Can Low Hemoglobin Levels Affect Male Fertility?

Good Morning, I am 25 years old, have a history of kidney failure. Underwent routine dialysis 2 times a week. At the moment my Hb is low (8.5), my question is, if with a low Hb, sperm will still be effective at working to fertilize an egg when I am in contact with my wife? Thank you for the response and answer. Regards.

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Opportunities for pregnancy basically are not only always associated with female fertility, but also male fertility. Men who can still produce sperm with good quality and sufficient quantities so that they can fertilize eggs naturally, it can be considered a fertile male sperm. Some indications that can determine how fertile sperm a man is:

 sperm quantity: ideally 15 million sperm cells per milliliter when ejaculating. sperm movement: the movement is nimble when it reaches and fertilizes an egg, at least 40% of sperm must have a good ability to move sperm structure: normal is the oval-shaped head and long tail, where the tail is very supportive of the movement of sperm toward the egg, and at least more of 50% normal-shaped sperm hormone: male hormone / testosterone which is quite very influential in the success of conception, if it is too lace then it can be a cause of male fertility problems Male fertility can certainly be influenced by several things you need to pay attention to, such as:

 age: in general, male fertility decreases when the age reaches 40 years of food and exercise: a healthy diet with a balanced variety of nutrients and diligent exercise can certainly help maintain the quality of male sperm to stay fit. Foods such as fish, vegetables and whole grains can make sperm more active and increase the chances of male fertility lifestyles: in male smokers, sperm will suffer damage from substances contained in cigarettes, including alcohol consumption. temperature and radiation: a good testicle that causes sperm to become fertile must have a temperature of 1 to 2 degrees Celsius cooler than body temperature, so it is necessary to avoid the use of tight underwear, avoid soaking in warm water, or bathing in warm water, and also avoid exposure to radiation and toxic chemicals such as lead and pesticides free from sexually transmitted diseases: chlamydia, gonorrhea, can be at risk of inhibiting the fertilization process and also causing swelling and pain in the scrotum. Anemia does not have a direct impact on male fertility, so you don't need to worry about it. However, anemia should not be allowed because it can cause complications such as:

 difficulty doing activities due to fatigue heart problems such as arrhythmia and heart failure disorders of the lungs such as pulmonary hypertension susceptible to infection Thus our explanation, may be useful.

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