Can Lung Cancer Sufferers Get Taller?

Illustration of Can Lung Cancer Sufferers Get Taller?
Illustration: Can Lung Cancer Sufferers Get Taller?

,, I’m still a teenager who is 12 years old and my height is 150.5cm and my body weight is 34.6kg. Well if I want to add my height and weight, is it possible if I used to have lung cancer? The explanation is yes and how to grow? height u0026amp; body weight.Thank you ,, 😊

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Hello IndahLarazatiz-kkrai, thank you for asking with

A person's height is influenced by many things like because of heredity or genetic that is in accordance with the height of the parents, nutrition, gender, exercise habits or physical activity. The body usually stops growing when it is 14-16 years old for women and 16-20 years for men.

For the age of 12 years the body will usually still gain weight especially when puberty. Lung cancer is not related to a person's height growth. However, it is necessary to clarify the diagnosis of lung cancer, have you ever consulted a doctor for complaints of lung cancer? To gain weight, you must increase the frequency of your food, choose healthy foods with a balanced nutritional content, it is also advisable to drink water after eating to prevent bloating.

You are also advised to consult with a doctor because you need to find out the real cause of your complaint and a physical examination or laboratory examination or epiphial plate X-ray is needed to assess whether the bone is still able to grow or not.

Here are some things you can do to help increase your height, among others:

Improve your posture when sitting with your back straight and pulling your shoulders back Consumption of foods with balanced nutrition, especially those with lots of vitamin D found in foods such as salmon, tuna, milk and etc. Adequate sleep at night around 7- 9 hours Diligently exercising every week You can also read the following interesting article

That's all from me, hopefully it can help.

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