Can Masturbation Cause HIV?

Illustration of Can Masturbation Cause HIV?
Illustration: Can Masturbation Cause HIV?

Want to ask … r nDo the self-masturbation behavior can result in HIV infection ????

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HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is a virus that can weaken the body's immune system. The HIV virus will cause a person to suffer from AIDS, which is a collection of symptoms that occur due to infection with the HIV virus.
HIV can be transmitted easily from sexual relations, syringes that are used repeatedly, from mother to the fetus in the womb, and from consumables used by HIV sufferers through injuries that occur. The most common HIV transmission media are from patient fluids, including seminal fluid, vaginal fluid, rectal fluid and patient blood. The virus is not transmitted through water, food, kisses, pets, mosquitoes / insects and shared toilets.

Masturbation is an attempt to achieve sexual satisfaction by yourself without the help of the opposite sex. Masturbation is different from sexual intercourse, because when masturbation sperm is released outside the vaginal environment of women. Sperm that have been released can only survive for approximately 1 hour at room temperature.

Related to your question, masturbation does not pose a risk of contracting HIV by itself. The HIV virus is easily infected if the virus enters from someone with HIV positive through open body tissues, for example when there are injuries during sexual intercourse from the vagina, anal or oral, and the use of alternating syringes.

Please note that until now there is no drug that can eliminate the virus, antiretroviral drugs can only suppress the development of the virus, prevent complications and improve the quality of life of people with HIV.
If you want to have sex, then you should protect yourself by using condoms that can protect you from sexually transmitted infections when having sex with the opposite sex. But the use of condoms also does not fully guarantee that an infection will not occur.

Going to the nearest health care provider is strongly recommended for more complete and relevant information and early detection of the virus. So much information that I can convey, hopefully it helps

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