Can Masturbation Cause Varicoceles?

Illustration of Can Masturbation Cause Varicoceles?
Illustration: Can Masturbation Cause Varicoceles?

I want to ask, for people who have varicose veins both mild or severe, will it feel when he is exercising like running? And what kind of effect does it have for mild or severe varicose people? And for varicoceles. Does masturbation cause varicoceles (almost every day to do it)? And for varicocele sufferers when they run, will there be an impact such as pain or pain? and the answer.

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Varicocele is a swelling of veins in the scrotum. The varicocele often does not cause symptoms and does not endanger lives, but can cause shrinking of the testicles so that it can interfere with fertility. Some symptoms that are felt are.

Discomfort in the scrotum.
Pain that increases when standing or doing physical activity for a long time, and decreases when lying down.
A lump in one of the testicles.
The scrotum becomes swollen.
Over time, the enlarged veins will look like worms on the scrotum.

To prevent this, it is best to avoid activities that increase the pressure in the abdominal cavity such as

- Heavy lifting
- Straining too often during bowel movements
- Cycling for too long

While hydrocele is the accumulation of fluid around the testes (testicles), which are generally not sick and harmless. There are no specific symptoms just feel swelling in the testicles. What increases the risk is that a man, over 40 years old, suffering from an infection (including sexually transmitted infections) or has a history of scortum injury is also at risk of developing this disease.

One cause of hydrocele is filariasis. To avoid filariasis, the best way is to avoid mosquito bites that are carriers of the worm, for example by using mosquito nets.

We recommend that you consult a urologist, especially if you experience the following

- lumps get bigger quickly

- there is pain that is very disturbing

- looks swollen red black

- accompanied by symptoms of nausea, vomiting or difficulty urinating

Thus the information we can convey. May be useful. Thank you

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