Can Mental Illness Recur?

Illustration of Can Mental Illness Recur?
Illustration: Can Mental Illness Recur?

Hello, I am Salsabilla want to ask a question. I have a family who when I was about 5 years old exhibited strange behavior such as killing animals, stealing, always teasing friends, like hiding kitchen knives under the mattress, drawing strange pictures. Then after being examined, my family had a mental illness, even though his family’s parenting was very good for him. Then he was given therapy, until the age of 8 years, then live a normal life. However, now he is 14 years old, he shows a strange behavior, such as confining animals like dog cats in a box and then the box is taped and burned. Does the disease recur or is it not yet healed? And how to handle it?

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Hi Enjella,

Thank you for the question.

Referring to the symptoms that you mentioned, it is most likely that the condition that your relatives are experiencing is caused by antisocial personality disorder. This disorder can lead to personality disorders that are broad spectrum, for example psychopaths, sociopaths, and so on. Seen from the outside, people with this personality disorder look no different from healthy people in general. However, this kind of behavior is a form of how to manipulate the situation, so that no one is aware of their actual behavior. People with this disorder tend to be selfish, selfish, and have no empathy for others and their environment. Genetic factors, impaired balance of chemical compounds in the brain, parenting patterns since childhood, also environmental conditions are thought to play an important role in shaping this personality disorder.

Not only that, it could be that your relatives' conditions are caused by other psychiatric disorders, such as excessive anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, delusional disorders, malingering, schizophrenia, and so on.

Most psychiatric disorders, including personality disorders, can not be completely cured. However, with good treatment, clinical symptoms experienced by patients can be controlled, so that he can work properly and interact well in the surrounding environment.

Regarding the condition of your relatives, we recommend that you see it directly to your doctor or psychiatrist. This check needs to be done immediately, especially if you see it doing actions that tend to hurt others, yourself, or other dangerous actions. Through in-depth psychiatric interviews and thorough physical examinations, often doctors are able to decide exactly what factors triggered their complaints, then what sort of treatment would be best to deal with them.

Meanwhile, as a relative, it is wise to:

Accompany him to live a healthy lifestyle
Try to listen to his complaints, help him find a solution when he has a problem
Let your parents or close relatives know about the behavior of your relatives that you have been observing
Keep dangerous objects away from the surroundings
Try not to let your relatives be alone too much, daydreaming
Do not carelessly give drugs without doctor's advice

Hope this helps ...

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