Can Mice Cause Corona Virus?

Illustration of Can Mice Cause Corona Virus?
Illustration: Can Mice Cause Corona Virus?

mlm doctor i want to ask you this there is a mouse and I smell my food continuously without intentionally eating it by my child is dangerous it’s not a problem right now there are many corona viruses that I’m afraid

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Hello Ms. Devi

Corona virus from wuhan (novel corona virus / nCoV) which is currently a hot topic of conversation is now a disease transmitted from animals to humans or in the medical world known as zoonotic, until now our country in Indonesia has not tested positive for a disease. The nCoV is so expected that you don't have to worry too much about getting affected by the nCoV.

But once the food and drinks consumed are expected to be clean and not polluted by dirt, house mice themselves can generally live in various corners of the house and there can be contact with dirty objects so that if our food or drinks are touched by mice the food and drink becomes polluted and at risk of experiencing symptoms such as diarrhea / diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, or other symptoms of poisoning as well as when food / drinks are touched by flies.

In addition to being dirty and dirty so that it contaminates food and drink in contact with it, rats also have the potential to cause bubonic plague / disease, this disease is actually caused by the Y bacteria. with mice or being bitten by mice that have been exposed to Y. pestis, then the person may become bubonic plague, the symptoms themselves are anti-fever, flu, enlarged lymph nodes, dizziness, chills, muscle aches. And can develop into more severe, causing death.

But Mrs. Devi does not need to worry too much for now, because every individual human has a immune system, so even if there is a history of contact with rats or having consumed food that has been contaminated by rats, it won't necessarily get sick. At this time, what you can do is observe the child's health condition, such as whether the child has a fever, dizziness, headache, muscle / body aches, aches and aches, or stomach pain. If it turns out that your child has no symptoms at all and can carry out his daily activities as usual then it is likely that your child is in good condition, where his immune system is able to prevent him from falling ill despite consuming contaminated food.

For the nCoV virus itself the chances are very small to occur in your child, because until now Indonesia is still free from the presence of illness due to the nCoV, but the potential to fall ill from consuming food that has been contaminated by rats can occur. So if your child has complaints of illness it would be nice if taken to the doctor directly to get further treatment.

May be useful.

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