Can Minors Get Breast Cancer?

Illustration of Can Minors Get Breast Cancer?
Illustration: Can Minors Get Breast Cancer?

, I want to ask whether ank2 aged 8 years can be affected by breast cancer?

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Breast cancer is an abnormal and uncontrolled cell growth in breast tissue, it can be in glands, channels, fat tissue or connective tissue making up the breast. The growth is malignant, which is characterized by a lump that grows rapidly, feels hard, cannot be separated from the surrounding tissue, spreads to the surrounding tissue and potentially spreads to distant tissues or organs.
One of the risk factors that trigger breast cancer growth is hormonal factors. So this type of cancer is rarely found in children. But there are other risk factors that make it possible to close out the possibility of breast cancer in children. You can read more about risk factors that can trigger the growth of breast cancer. Based on research that has been widely done, someone with a number of risk factors may not necessarily develop breast cancer, otherwise someone without risk factors can get cancer.

Many diseases that can occur related to breast lumps and or pain. For this reason, if there is a complaint, you should consult with the nearest doctor so that further examination can be done.
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