Can Minus Eyes Get Better With Natural Eye Drops?

Illustration of Can Minus Eyes Get Better With Natural Eye Drops?
Illustration: Can Minus Eyes Get Better With Natural Eye Drops?

Afternoon, I want to ask, can minus eyes be cured with OTEM brand natural eye drops? because my right eye is minus 5 and my left eye is minus 2.5. Please explain. thank you

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Eye minus / nearsightedness (myopia) is a refractive disorder that causes the inability to see objects / objects that are located far away. In contrast to hypermetropy / farsightedness that is difficult to see objects that are located nearby. Refractive disorders are disorders that occur due to light entering the eye that cannot be focused precisely on the retina, giving rise to an unclear / blurred picture of vision. This disorder is often influenced by eyeball circumference that is too long or too short, and the curvature of the cornea of ​​the eye. Refractive abnormalities can be detected by visual examination and can be corrected to the degree of abnormality.
Myopia examination consists of an objective examination with a device, and subjective assessment based on the size of the lens lens that is suitable and comfortable to wear according to the patient. Often found differences in the results of subjective and objective examinations, but this should not be a concern
To improve his condition, the following techniques can be used to help improve the quality of vision, including:

Using glasses Using contact lenses Through refractive surgery with LASIK to improve the shape of the cornea of ​​the eye. The easiest method is to use glasses according to the size of the myopia found.
Until now there has been no method of treatment of nearsightedness using eye drops. Not too much medical research related to that method. So the method cannot be used in the treatment of nearsightedness.
Myopia can increase because it is influenced by daily lifestyle factors that pay less attention to eye health. Besides heredity can also be one of the causes.
To keep your eyes healthy, the following tips might help you:

Use eyeglasses according to doctor's prescription Use eyeglasses for every activity Do not do activities in front of the monitor screen of a laptop, cellphone or other ganget too long and close to the eye Read a book or writing with a minimum distance of 20 cm Do not rub your eyes often Regular control to the eye doctor if there are complaints Discuss with your nearest ophthalmologist to get more complete and relevant information and appropriate management. So much information that I can convey, hopefully it helps

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