Can Molars Grow At The Age Of 25 Years?

Tonight, I want to ask about the upper teeth graham which dislodged slowly. I am currently 25 years old at first part of the graham in dislodged / broken so it does not look toothless. and now the outside is dislodged / broken so it looks toothless. My question is whether I can grow back, because the condition of my graham is not completely removed there is still little left. Please explain, thank you.

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Hello Azis

Thank you for asking

we assume that the molars are not separated until the roots, but only loose or dislodged little by little because of a fracture / broken on the crown. Every adult has 32 permanent teeth and if broken or dislodged so it is not possible to grow back again, as in children children have baby teeth so if a child's teeth are broken there is still a possibility to grow back.

to overcome this you can immediately consult a dentist, so the doctor can do a direct examination by looking at the state of your teeth after that maybe the doctor can take action according to the state of your teeth. to cope with broken teeth or dislodged if not able to be maintained anymore, the doctor may suggest to be extracted and can be dealt with by the installation of dentures, for example by the bridge technique (installation of false teeth with a tooth propped next to it) or dental implants. depend on the dentist who will do the examination on you.

There are several things you can do:

 brush your teeth regularly twice a day after eating and before going to bed using mouthwash every time after brushing your teeth use dental floss to clean between your teeth limit consumption of foods containing high sugar levels avoid prying teeth and trying to extract them yourself because it can make the condition of the teeth you are getting worse dental health checks to the dentist at least once every 6 months so we can provide information

hopefully can help you

thank you

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