Can Mothers With Chickenpox Continue To Breastfeed?

Illustration of Can Mothers With Chickenpox Continue To Breastfeed?
Illustration: Can Mothers With Chickenpox Continue To Breastfeed?

Good afternoon … I am a mother with 2 children … I am experiencing chicken pox pain … My first child is 8 years old and the second is 3 months … coincidently before I was exposed to the pox my firstborn child had already had chicken pox first … and he is healthy again … there is something I want to ask, right 1) if I can breastfeed my baby. 2) If I don’t think I should be scared of my breast milk, it’s dry because my breast milk is a little scared if it isn’t done right again 3) Is it true that smallpox is only about 1x. For life. 4) consumption of green coconut does not affect or heal … please explain … thanks

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Chicken pox or in medical terms known as varicella or chicken pox, is an infectious viral infection that causes body temperature to rise then accompanied by the appearance of a fluid-filled bouncy red rash. Bintil filled with liquid is easily fragile and can rupture by itself.
In nursing mothers, breast milk is still allowed to be given to babies. But what really needs to be considered is the procedure for giving. Because chickenpox infection is an infection that is transmitted very easily through the air and from liquid nodules, breastfeeding should be done by milking and given to infants through bottles.
Mothers who suffer from chickenpox at the beginning of the infection are very infectious, or are very easy to transmit to others. Infants aged 3 months of course their immunity is still not strong enough and generally have not been immunized against the virus, so babies should be avoided from exposure to patients with the virus.
When a person experiences varicella virus infection for the first time, the immune system will make a special defense. The body's immune system has a memory function for the types of germs that enter. So, when someone who has previously contracted chickenpox or has already immunized, an immune system is formed against the virus. When there is exposure to the virus a second time and so on, the body's immunity is able to fight, so that infection throughout the body can be prevented and symptoms will not appear.
Green coconut does not affect the healing process. Chickenpox is caused by a virus. Antiviral drugs can generally help reduce the amount of the virus, but the body's immune system has a major role in removing the virus and improving the condition of the body.
Consult further with your nearest doctor or specialist in internal medicine to get an examination and selection of appropriate treatment according to your condition.
Thus the information we can convey, hopefully helps

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