Can Muesli Be Eaten Raw?

Illustration of Can Muesli Be Eaten Raw?
Illustration: Can Muesli Be Eaten Raw?

Lately I consume muesli, milk used to be a pack … But now it is often more for snacks (eaten raw) during the day, because it tends to be practical and so troublesome. Can I eat raw muesli every day? Please explain, thank you …

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Muesli is a type of food made from oats (wheat seeds) mixed with seeds, nuts and dried fruits. This food originates from Switzerland and is now well-known and often consumed by people in Europe and North America.
Muesli is a food that must be processed before consuming it. The processing is done by soaking overnight with cold milk or cold juice until it becomes porridge. It also can be cooked by boiling it in boiling water until it becomes porridge. It should also be noted, that this muesli is still tasteless or tasteless, so it needs to be given a mixture such as honey or other flavorings according to taste.
Well, of course you already understand what are the consequences if muesli is consumed without being processed like the way above. Muesli is still shaped like a large, hard grain. Food with a texture like this is very difficult to digest so that the nutrients contained tend not to be absorbed by the body perfectly. Besides food with such a texture can also damage the mucosal lining of the digestive tract which is soft and thin. In bad conditions, it can become a blockage in the gastrointestinal tract, causing ileus or intestinal obstruction. The ileus in the initial condition will be characterized by increased intestinal contractility so that it feels painful like being twisted, difficult to defecate and fart and vomit. You can read more about ileus here.
If you do not have much time to process muesli, you should replace your snacks or breakfast with Granola. Granola is a muesli that has been processed by the factory so it is crispy, tastes sweet and delicious. The nutritional content is almost the same as muesli.
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