Can Mumps Be Treated With Nuclear Drugs?

Illustration of Can Mumps Be Treated With Nuclear Drugs?
Illustration: Can Mumps Be Treated With Nuclear Drugs?

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Previously, I would like to confirm, was your brother diagnosed with goiter or was a diagnosis of thyroid gland cancer already established? Mumps is a general term used to describe enlargement of the thyroid gland (in the medical world called goiter or goitre). Enlargement of the thyroid gland itself can be caused by various things, such as iodine deficiency, graves disease, Hashimoto's disease, thyroiditis, thyroid nodules, or thyroid cancer.

Each of the above diseases has different therapies, so you should ask the doctor more clearly to treat your sister, the exact cause of the enlarged thyroid gland experienced. If indeed your brother has thyroid cancer, then you also need to inquire further the type of thyroid cancer that is owned by your sister and also the stage. Therapy for each type of thyroid cancer and therapy for each stage of cancer can also vary. However, if your brother really has thyroid cancer, then in general therapy that can be recommended is surgical removal of cancer, therapy with radioactive iodine (radioiodine), external radiation therapy (radiotherapy), chemotherapy, and targeted therapy. What is meant by drugs containing nuclear possibility is iodine radioactive therapy. Radioactive iodine therapy is not always used for thyroid cancer therapy alone. Other conditions (such as Graves' disease) can also be treated using radioactive iodine.

Therapy with radioactive iodine is basically aimed at destroying thyroid gland cells (healthy cells or cells that have been turned into cancer cells). Radioactive iodine therapy is very specific because only thyroid gland cells can take this drug and other cells in the body will not be affected by the drug. In this therapy your sister will only be given pills or iodine-containing liquids in high doses and are radioactive. After therapy, your sister will no longer have the thyroid gland and will have to consume thyroid hormone for the rest of her life.

You should discuss again about illness and therapy for your sister in more depth with the treating doctor because the doctor who is certainly more aware of your sister's overall condition.

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