Can My Illness Be Cured?

Illustration of Can My Illness Be Cured?
Illustration: Can My Illness Be Cured?

Good afternoon doc, I want to ask, I have TB meningitis, so the effect is now I can’t do my left hand, and the left toe is weak, if it can burst, I have been sick for a year, initially I could not walk, now I am doing physio therapy, only the fingers have not been able to move until now, only the upper and lower arms are functioning,

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There is a history of TB meningitis infection that you have experienced about a year ago, and this is preceded by movement disorders or immobility in the feet and hands, so looking at the development of the treatment you are currently undergoing, in general, the recovery process that you undergo with treatment This treatment and physiotherapy is good and leads to a positive recovery process.

Patients with TB meningitis can provide complaints in the form of:

A history of long-standing cough or enlarged lymph nodes that do not get treatment and care
Weight loss
Recurring headaches
Stiff necking due to stimulation of the meningen
Loss of consciousness
Movement disorders until paralysis
Central nervous system disorders

So, in some cases where complaints such as headaches that do not improve, weight loss or history of recurrent seizures, or paralysis (no history of trauma), further evaluation is needed regarding the possibility of TB infection that causes meningitis. If the diagnosis of TB meningitis has been established by a blood test, brain fluid examination, CT scan or MRI; then TB treatment can be done for 9-12 months. Complications that are often encountered can be in the form of impaired motion, seizures, strokes, disturbance, hearing damage to brain tissue, until death.

Therefore, if you are currently still undergoing TB treatment and are still undergoing recovery and physiotherapy with Resson physiotherapy that gives good results, then you should continue the process of recovery and treatment. This is to continue to provide better benefits. To ascertain whether it will heal or recover fully or totally, this cannot be ascertained, but still must be confident in this recovery effort.

The prognosis or possible recovery process of patients with TB meningitis depends on the severity of the patient's condition since the TB treatment was started, complications and response to treatment so far. So that as early as possible treatment is given and as light as any patient complaints to start treatment, the patient's prognosis or recovery will be better, especially for sequelae. However, if the treatment begins with the symptoms of a patient who is already quite heavy, the recovery process can leave residual symptoms in the patient, either related to hearing loss, impaired movement or muscle strength and movement or leaving other residual symptoms depending on the patient's clinical condition from treatment to the process recovery that was undertaken.

Thus, this prognosis is better understood by your doctor, because your doctor better understands your clinical development during the treatment and treatment process and the physio physiology that is undertaken. By discussing directly with your doctor, the doctor can provide better information relating to your recovery condition.

All you need to pay attention to is the progression of the recovery that you are living at the moment, so the effort you are doing is very good and you need to continue. Stay focused with your efforts and stay motivated and think positive in your recovery efforts. With this effort, you will get positive energy in undergoing the physiotherapy and treatment processes that have been planned by your doctor. Even though it might take longer, then still live and be eager to live it.

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