Can Nasi Uduk Cause High Cholesterol?

Illustration of Can Nasi Uduk Cause High Cholesterol?
Illustration: Can Nasi Uduk Cause High Cholesterol?

Morning, I want to ask … does eating Nasi Uduk regularly in the morning cause cholesterol? (The side dishes are fried vermicelli, balado eggs, orek wet tempe), if so, is it from the uduk rice or from the side dishes that I mentioned above? thanks.

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Hello Andhika,

Cholesterol / fat in the blood should be maintained so that levels remain within normal limits. High cholesterol if total cholesterol is more than 200, LDL is more than 100, HDL is less than 60, and triglycerides are more than 150.High cholesterol can be triggered by the following factors:

The habit of consuming high-saturated fatty foods such as fried foods, other oily foods, egg yolks, butter, biscuits, cream, cheese, coconut milk, seafood other than fish, liver, fast food, fatty meat, chicken skin, duck
Lack of exercise and physical activity
Smoking habits and alcohol consumption
Increasing age
Have other diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, liver disease and kidney disease

If you have had a cholesterol check and high cholesterol is found, you should consult your doctor further so that you can be given the right treatment. Cholesterol treatment is a lifestyle change to be healthier, and if necessary, cholesterol drugs such as statins, ezetimibe, bile acid inhibitor drugs, fibrates, and niacin are given.

To help reduce and prevent cholesterol, you can do the following tips:

Eat healthy and nutritious foods that are good for cholesterol sufferers such as whole grains, whole grains, replace oil with olive oil, fish, whole nuts, vegetables, fruit, processed soybeans
Choose foods that are processed by steaming or boiling
If you want eggs, only consume egg whites
Exercise regularly 3-4 times / week, can be increased according to ability
Lose weight to ideal
Avoid smoking and alcohol
Follow-up every 3-6 months

Hope this helps,

Thank you

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