Can Neck Lumps Be An Early Symptom Of HIV?

Hello Doctor. Let me ask. I am 30 years old. I have oral sex with people I don’t know about my health. But he was fat (around 90 kg). I see his feet have some kind of skin disease (maybe ringworm between 3 toes). We only do oral sex, and I’m the part that does oral, he just lies down. And come out in the mouth, but I threw it away. Then I gargled listerin quickly and drank a lot of water. After that we never had contact again. But there are strange symptoms in my body exactly 5 days after intercourse I found: – Dizziness at night, when I see my scenery moving. Then I brought sleep tomorrow and disappeared. – Day 6 My throat was uncomfortable (maybe my stomach acid rose because I was anxious) – Day 7, my whole body felt weak and sore on my shoulder. (At that time I already ate dexamethasone and bought diapotik on day 6) – the next day my body muscles were still weak, my stomach felt bloated and cramped. not so sick. The pain sometimes leads to the outside of my right ear. But sometimes I only need KGB cm. – On the 12th day, I was given erythromycin 3×1 for 14 capsules. And Ocuson 1 board 2×1. As I write this is my 14th day. KGB still hurts on the right side. Until now I have no fever, no sprue, no diarrhea, just a bit difficult to defecate. Muscle hurts when I worry and disappear when anxiety is gone. I don’t have a red rash, I don’t cough or runny nose. It doesn’t hurt to swallow. I know at this time in the window period. But the doctor of this symptom is my KGB confirmed to lead to HIV? Or could there be another indication of the doctor? Please help, my doctor is really worried. When I’m worried my KGB feels back pain.

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Good morning. Thank you for asking

The swelling condition in the lymph nodes is a condition of the development of immune cells which increases, this can occur in the chin, armpits, neck, thighs, back of the head. Some things that might be cause is

Infection in the body
Immune disorders such as autoimmune
Malignancy in lymph nodes

This condition should be checked by a doctor so that it can be further examined about the disease you are suffering from and can be carried out supporting tests such as it is using ultrasound. Associated with HIV conditions may occur because HIV is an infection, especially if someone has risk factors such as

Having sex freely, especially with HIV positive people
Use of syringes simultaneously
Exposure to blood from HIV positive people

It is best to prevent risky behavior to prevent HIV transmission.

More information in the following article.

Thus the information that our data convey. Hope it is useful, thank you

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