Can Newborn Babies Be Given Breast Milk Mixture?

Illustration of Can Newborn Babies Be Given Breast Milk Mixture?
Illustration: Can Newborn Babies Be Given Breast Milk Mixture?

Tonight, my child is 2 weeks old … Yesterday I had a need to finally leave the child for a few hours … Because I left it impromptu, so the juice I squeezed only got a little. That day because the milk was lacking, it was given milk powder because dy was very thirsty … Was there any effect if it was like that … It was already 2x drinking milk, kurleb 30ml

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Good morning, thanks for asking at Previously, it should be understood that there is no nutrient that can beat breast milk to meet the needs of children aged up to 6 months. This agreement is agreed upon by all doctors through the world health organization and this applies to any condition, except if there are certain health problems, such as mothers experiencing HIV or breast milk that do not come out at all / are inadequate even though treatment has been given.

So that also includes your case, sudden necessity should not prevent your child from getting milk. You can do this by storing milk in the refrigerator before for this situation. Dairy milk frozen in freezers with temperatures of -18 degrees, can last up to 6 months.

But because it has been given, formula milk mixed with breast milk should not necessarily have a negative impact on the baby, as long as it is given in accordance with the allotment of age indicated on the packaging. The impact can be that your child can no longer be categorized as exclusively breastfed, and there may be some temporary changes in bowel movements because formula milk cannot always be digested properly by babies, especially those who are only 2 weeks old. Apart from that, especially if you decide to continue breastfeeding, there should be no adverse effect on him.

It's just that, if later your child has diarrhea, with liquid stools, fuss and so on, this could be because your child has a milk allergy or a condition of lactose intolerance, and it could also be due to contamination from bacteria in the bottle. This is not because of mixed milk, but indeed certain conditions that can arise in anyone. And if so, consult your child immediately with a doctor. So, hopefully answering your question.

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