Can Not Be Tall And Fat?

Illustration of Can Not Be Tall And Fat?
Illustration: Can Not Be Tall And Fat?

Sorry, … why can’t I be tall and fat … Even though I already took this and that medicine, but the results remain the same. Is it possible I have a worm or something.

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First of all, you should first tell your age, body weight, and also your height. A person's height is greatly influenced by genetic factors. People who have parents who are not tall, so their height may also not be as high as people who have tall parents. The following is an article on how to calculate your height potential based on your parents' height.

Height is also strongly influenced by nutrition in infancy and childhood and nutrition, sleep, and exercise in adolescence. If when your baby or child experiences a lack of nutrition to stunting, then your height potential will also not be maximized. Likewise, during adolescence, if you do not get enough nutrition, sleep, and exercise, your height is experiencing a period of rapid growth in this period will not be able to occur optimally. After passing through puberty (in men usually at the age of 16-18 years), height growth has stopped, so whatever method you do is likely not be able to increase your height again.

Weight, in contrast to height, can still go up and down throughout your life. Weight loss is also influenced by many things, including the quantity and quality of food you eat (the number of calories that enter) and also the number of calories that come out of your body. Here is an article that you can read to find out more about how to increase a healthy weight.

You should be careful in taking certain medicines that promise to increase height and weight. Make sure the product is safe for use by checking whether the drug is registered with the BPOM (drug and food regulatory body). You can check through the following link.

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