Can Not Defecate But Heartburn

Illustration of Can Not Defecate But Heartburn
Illustration: Can Not Defecate But Heartburn

My mother’s doc came out of appendicitis and cysts 3 weeks ago but it is still difficult to defecate. The stomach is only heartburn like contractions. why is that, doc?

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Conditions after opera in the abdominal region will usually affect the organs in it including the intestine where a few days after that there will usually be changes in bowel movements that can affect the ability to process and absorb which is usually marked by farts and bowel movements. If this happens it will usually be an indication that the intestine has begun to move and function properly.
If this happens some things like
1. There is no bowel movement in 1 week
2. CHAPTER with blood
3. Rapid enlargement of the stomach
4. Severe stomach pain
You should immediately consult a doctor, especially the doctor who handled your mother before.
Some things that should be done are
1. Eat regularly with soft consistency to increase protein
2. Avoid coughing hard
3. Avoid straining
4. Drink at least 2 liters per day

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