Can Not Feel Emotions Or Feelings Of Pleasure?

Hello, I want to ask. My boyfriend has been complaining lately that he can’t feel anything. His emotions are flat, he can’t be happy, sad, etc. After I search, it looks like Alexhytmia. I asked the psychiatrist if he didn’t want to, how could you be cured? Thanks.

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Hello Haninvst, thank you for asking.

Emotion is a picture of a person's feelings that are normally possessed by all humans. Someone who can not have emotions or emotions that become blunt, is one symptom that there may be a significant psychological stress. Emotional disorders may be able to go into mood disorders or affect disorders. A person can be flat against situations and conditions that change around him. A person can also have a wrong affect, for example being sad when the situation is happy, or vice versa.

This can be caused by various things that cause psychological stress. It may be that there are deep hidden problems, or there are past trauma that cannot be overcome, and so on. The diagnosis of psychological disorders cannot be made solely based on written information. Your girlfriend should consult with a psychologist or psychiatrist to be able to assess her psychological status. The experts must first find out the possible diagnosis and possible causes. Without knowing the cause, it is difficult to overcome the disorder. You can just persuade him periodically, give a good explanation, or ask for help to close friends and family to bring your girlfriend consult. Invite to talk about possible causes. If possible, invite to find a positive activity that he likes. Pay close attention so that he does not fall into abuse of narcotics and alcohol.

Thus my information. Hope it can be useful. Regards.

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