Can Nursing Mothers Transmit Snake Pox To Infants?

Tonight, I am Ratri (30 years old), I am a mother with a 4 month old baby and she drinks exclusive breast milk, now I have snake pox, this is attacking my forehead with some of my head. to my child, for example hands, stomach or other body parts that are not affected by chicken pox.

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Hello Ratri,

Thank you for the question.

Snake pox (shingles) can occur when the Varicella zoster virus, which previously caused chickenpox, reactivates, so that it runs from the central nervous system ganglion through nerve fibers to the skin. Like chickenpox, snake pox can be transmitted very easily. Typically, transmission occurs through the following 2 routes:

Direct or indirect contact with rashes on the skin
Inhalation or ingestion of mucus splashes from the patient's airways, for example when coughing or sneezing

The baby you are breastfeeding, if you have never had chickenpox and have never had varicella vaccination, is clearly at risk for contracting it due to her weak immune system. Although not directly in contact with your smallpox rash, as mentioned above, this rash can be transmitted indirectly, or also through a splash of airway mucus that you release.

Because of this, it is far safer for you to:

Isolate yourself first, do not contact close to your baby
Breastfeed your milk every 2 hours, store it in the right way, then ask for help from your partner or relatives to give it to your baby through the right media (do not teat, can use a pipette or cupfeeder)
Cure your snake pox by seeing a doctor or dermatologist, while resting, increasing personal hygiene, drinking lots, eating lots of vitamin C rich foods, not breaking, scratching, or reddening rashes on the skin carelessly.

Later, if your snake pox has healed optimally and the rash has dried completely, you can return to contact and breastfeed your baby directly without worrying about transmission.

Hope this helps ...

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