Can Open Wounds Heal In 1 Week?

Illustration of Can Open Wounds Heal In 1 Week?
Illustration: Can Open Wounds Heal In 1 Week?

Afternoon, I want to ask if an open wound as wide as a peanut can heal within 1 week? thank you

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Hello, taufansantoso, thank you for asking

The wound healing process depends on many factors, namely:

1. The type of wound, whether open or closed. If open, how wide, how deep, involving any network. The mechanism by which the wound occurs also has an effect (for example, a stab wound, a cut, an incision, a gunshot, etc.).

2. Individual circumstances (eg diabetics usually take longer to recover, patients who have blood clotting disorders, old age, or other diseases)

3. wound hygiene

4. the location of the injury (eg the leg usually takes longer than the hand).

Wounds have their own severity that can affect the healing process and the type of therapy that is right for them. For this reason, you should go to the doctor to have the wound examined (especially if the wound is open) to assess the type of wound, its severity and determine the appropriate therapy. Some superficial wounds do not require stitches, but in more severe (wider, deeper) wounds sometimes require stitches to repair the wound with surgery. Some wounds also need a tetanus shot to prevent tetanus infection.

Wound hygiene is one of the factors that support wound healing. Keep the wound clean by not touching it often, if you want to touch it is better if you wash your hands with soap first, do not press or squeeze the wound because it can worsen inflammation, and clean it according to your doctor's recommendation. You can apply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment if your doctor recommends it.

The following is an interesting article on: "causes of long-lasting wounds to heal" and "how to prevent and reduce scars" which can be read for additional information. So, I hope the information from me can be useful.

Greetings, dr. Sarah Rizqia.

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