Can Osteochondroma Become Cancer?

Illustration of Can Osteochondroma Become Cancer?
Illustration: Can Osteochondroma Become Cancer?

I want to have a lot of Osteochondroma around the knee is dangerous? u003cbr / u003 symptoms that I feel are u003cbr / u003 is easy to get tired u003cbr / u003cem u003cbr / u003 symptoms are prolonged and tightness u003cbr / u003 makes me tired tired u003cbr / u003feeling my body I am very heavy u003cbr / u003weight my body 55kg u003cbr / u003 as high as 153 cm u003cbr / u003e u003cbr / u003e

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Hello Nurul,

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Osteochondroma is a benign tumor composed of bone and cartilage (cartilage) that appears on the surface of the bone near the bone growth plate, which usually appears when a person is in its infancy. The cause of this benign tumor still cannot be determined, but there are genetic factors in it. Usually these tumors rarely give symptoms, but in some cases sufferers can feel pain in the joints, especially in the lump, pain when on the move, weakening the muscles around the tumor and feeling weak.

Doctors usually diagnose osteochondromas based on patient complaints, physical examinations, and supporting examinations such as X-rays, CT Scan, and MRI, and the doctor will provide treatment according to the condition of the tumor, either by observation or surgery or radiation / chemotherapy.

Osteochondroma itself rarely causes malignancy or becomes a cancer called chondrosarcoma, but this can occur in a small number of cases where osteochondroma appears in several places. Signs of a malignant tumor are when the tumor enlarges after puberty, pain is right in the tumor, and thickening of the cartilage layer is more than 2cm which must be evaluated by doctors with investigations such as CT Scan and MRI. The doctor will also examine other organs such as the lungs to see if there is a spread of cancer to other organs.

Therefore, if you experience other symptoms that may be a result of worsening your osteochondromal tumor, you can consult a doctor about this for evaluation.

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