Can Outpatient When Typhus In Children?

Illustration of Can Outpatient When Typhus In Children?
Illustration: Can Outpatient When Typhus In Children?

morning, my 5 year old sister just finished hospitalization for 6 days, then checked the lab and the widal content is still 640 Is it at risk if outpatient at home?

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Typhoid fever (typhus) is an infectious disease condition by Salmonella typhi or paratyphi. Generally transmission occurs through consumption of food or drinks that are contaminated with containing these bacteria. The associated risk factors are poor sanitation, limited access to clean water, food and beverage contamination.

In general, symptoms experienced are fever, disorders of the digestive system in the form of nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, defecation in the form of diarrhea or constipation, decreased appetite, and symptoms of weakness and others.

The diagnosis is made through a physical examination that is a fever of more than 38 degrees for a minimum of 3 days supported by a laboratory (WHO 2011)

- Confirmation diagnosis: laboratory with culture of blood / feces / body fluids
- Possible diagnoses: laboratory with antigen detection such as

widal examination (positive results if more than 1/320 and is called active infection if there is a minimum increase of 4-fold in 5 days compared to the initial examination). However, widal examination is not specific for typhoid because false positive is widal positive in malaria, dengue
tubex examination (positive result if> 6). This examination is specific for salmonella typhii so it has better value for diagnosing typhoid fever.

There is no special characteristic for healing which states that the recovery is complete or not based on laboratory results because more attention is given to the patient's clinical condition. Widal or tubex examination assesses antibodies owned by a person against bacteria so that it can remain high with a clinical condition that has improved or can also be in high levels as a form of reaction to the vaccine against salmonella. So that if the patient is active, able to consume food by mouth (no more need with fluids through infusions or blood vessels) and free of fever for at least 48 hours without fever remedies then the patient has improved.

During treatment at home should ensure food hygiene is maintained, adequate rest, continue to consume drugs recommended by doctors, especially for antibiotics that must be exhausted, adequate fluid needs and monitor if there are signs of emergencies such as

- the patient becomes limp and it is difficult to drink or eat by mouth
- the patient is distracted and difficult to communicate with
- the patient is unresponsive
- patients with very high fever or severe nausea and vomiting

then it should be taken back to the hospital for further examination and emergency treatment.

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