Can Ovarian Cysts Harm The Fetus?

Illustration of Can Ovarian Cysts Harm The Fetus?
Illustration: Can Ovarian Cysts Harm The Fetus?

Hello I am Anisa aged 23 years I was 16 weeks pregnant but when I was ultrasound there was an ovarian cyst of 4.57 cm in the ultrasound when I was 7 weeks pregnant whether the ovarian cysts could harm the fetus I was carrying? And if I can give birth normally and there are also some cysts that can disappear and small by itself is that right?

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Ovarian cysts, as the name suggests, grow in the ovaries (ovaries). The ovaries are separated from the uterus (uterus) by the fallopian tubes (fallopian tubes). Therefore, the presence of cysts in the ovary does not always interfere with the growth of the fetus in the womb. You can observe the anatomy of the female reproductive organs more clearly in the following image:

Ovarian cysts have not yet been identified. However, much literature states that these cysts appear related to hormonal conditions that are not balanced. Cyst size should be wary of dangerous if it reaches 4 cm or more. Cysts that are quite large in size can cause sufferers to feel pain sensations (ranging from mild to severe scale), abnormal bleeding from the vagina, to trigger uterine contractions if it occurs in pregnant women. Very strong uterine contractions in the early stages of pregnancy have the risk of triggering a miscarriage, while at a later gestational age the risk also causes premature labor. Not only that, if the size of the cyst grows very large, it can also push the uterus so that it inhibits fetal development.

Seeing the size of your cyst that is quite large, you should discuss it directly with your doctor or obstetrician. Often, as the gestational age increases, the cyst will indeed shrink or settle in size, so that it does not require special management. However, if there are concerns about dangerous complications, the doctor may also recommend surgery or other medical procedures. Although, this operation is not without risk. Therefore, careful consideration is needed to determine the best treatment.

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