Can P3K Officers Give Medicines Without Being Accompanied By A Doctor?

Illustration of Can P3K Officers Give Medicines Without Being Accompanied By A Doctor?
Illustration: Can P3K Officers Give Medicines Without Being Accompanied By A Doctor?

Good morning …. u003cbr / u003e u0026amp; Greetings to all of us …. u003cbr / u003e u003cbr / u003eAccording to the title of my question above, I want to ask whether the medical team (midwife and clinic) or first aid officer can take action to provide external or internal medicine to patients without being in accompany / prescribe Doctor …….? u003cbr / u003e u003cbr / u003e Thank you.

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In connection with your question, what is the condition in which medical or paramedical teams other than doctors provide external and internal medicine? In general, every medical officer or medical person other than a doctor can provide external and internal medicine according to his competence, namely:

 Midwife, midwife can provide outside and inside treatment for pregnant women with medical complaints. In this condition midwives provide assistance to help control complaints that accompany patients or pregnant women due to certain health problems during pregnancy. It aims to help improve the health status of pregnant women during normal pregnancy until normal delivery. In addition, midwives can also provide drugs in family planning programs and wound care after pregnancy. Immunization can also be done by midwives Nurses and paramedics, can provide treatment according to their competence, such as anesthesiologist nurses or operating room care, can put drugs into the patient's body according to procedures and operational standards. Similarly, in the care of patients in Ambulan, emergency medicine can be given to help patient safety. Wound care in the ER, care of patients in the inpatient room or outpatient. All related to competencies and existing SOPs. While giving medicines to patients outside the hospital or clinic environment, as long as the community's reach for health services is far or difficult to reach, medical staff or nurses can provide treatment without a prescription, but of course they will also follow the SOPs that have been determined according to their competence. In general, P3K officers are competent with training that has been undertaken according to their limitations. The first aid officer can give patients over-the-counter drugs, external drugs and the first treatment for the patient, but cannot give drugs with a hard drug logo printed on each drug. So the first aid officer helps with the initial handling according to his competence before getting further handling from a doctor or treatment at the hospital. Therefore, every medical officer already has duties and authorities in the public health service system. This system is expected to help provide good services for the surrounding community.

However, for more detailed information, or if you are still in doubt, you can discuss with your local health department or your family doctor. So you get the right information for you.

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