Can Parental Personality Types Affect Children?

Illustration of Can Parental Personality Types Affect Children?
Illustration: Can Parental Personality Types Affect Children?

I want to ask, if we are introverts and then have extroverted children, does that affect their growth and development?

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If a parent with an introvert personality has an extroverted child whether it affects his growth and development, this question needs some explanation first.

First, we need to know what is meant by introverts and extroverts. Introverts are a form of personality that mostly involves the front of the brain (frontal lobe) which focuses on matters relating to memory, finding solutions, planning and so on. So that the personality that stands out from an introvert is more like being alone, thinking before acting and choosing things that need to be talked about and things that don't need to be talked about. In addition, introverts prefer to interact one-on-one with others, pour more hearts, thoughts, feelings and words through writing, prefer to read to add insight, research and be behind the scenes.

Meanwhile, for an extrovert personality a person will be more active, happy to discuss with many people, like to get along, be spontaneous in expressing opinions, and have a very high trust. So, many spend time to discuss, socialize, gather with friends and stand out in the middle of the association.

Introverted parent's personality usually affects the formation of their child's personality, but it does not rule out the possibility of their child having an extroverted personality. When the child has an extrovert personality, but a mother with an introvert personality, as long as the two can respect and educate each other in a good way it should not be a big problem, and so far there is no scientific research that explains that differences in the personality of the mother and child will affect the growth and development. Child development is usually influenced by the amount of food intake given by the mother to the child, the process of strimulation taught by mother to child, the sciences and education that are exemplified by mother to child. If the mother is introverted, try to learn to understand children who have extroverted personalities, so that the child's growth and development process will take place properly and normally.

To find out more about these relationships, you can consult a psychiatrist or the nearest pediatrician.

things that can be done by introverted mothers to extroverted children, including:

learn to understand the personality of an extroverted child

-lots stimulates children for their developmental conditions such as walking, talking, learning science and the way children think

-Provide enough nutrition for the child so that the child's body growth becomes healthy and normal

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