Can People Recovering From Typhoid Fever Eat Ice Cream?

Illustration of Can People Recovering From Typhoid Fever Eat Ice Cream?
Illustration: Can People Recovering From Typhoid Fever Eat Ice Cream?

night, can a person recovering from typhoid fever eat ice cream?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at There is no absolute prohibition for people with typhus to consume ice cream, because there is no harmful ingredient in ice cream that can inhibit healing or cause interference with the drug given to patients. In fact, those who have just had tonsillectomy are encouraged to consume ice cream to reduce pain.

Ice cream is usually prohibited by doctors, because most ice cream is not made by yourself, and what is more worried is that ice cream is purchased in a place that is not hygienic so that it becomes a medium of disease transmission. Because for typhus itself, this disease is caused by someone who consumes food or drink that is contaminated with bacteria. So it's not specific to ice cream. Even water when contaminated with bacteria, can cause typhus. So the focus is more on hygiene, not on the type of food.

The next reason might be when someone coughs, the sweet taste in ice cream can trigger phlegm production which can then aggravate someone's cough, and make it disturbed. So that even those who cough are prohibited from consuming ice cream, it is not specific to the ice cream, but to everything that is sweet, whether it's food or drink.

So back to your question, it is OK for those who are recovering from typing to consume ice cream, as long as you can be sure the ice cream comes from a hygienic place, and not in excessive amounts. In addition, because the context is recovery, the body will actually benefit more from warm foods and drinks that are rich in nutrients such as chicken and vegetable soup and fruit, rather than ice cream. So even though it is not prohibited, it would be far better to eat other foods for faster recovery. So, hopefully answering your question.

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