Can Peritonitis Still Be Cured?

Illustration of Can Peritonitis Still Be Cured?
Illustration: Can Peritonitis Still Be Cured?

Excuse me. I want to ask, peritonis can still be cured right? Even though every day he has an upset stomach, he has been operated on, the doctor said the infection has spread, to the blood, so what should I do … it can still heal right, how to do it. Thank you

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Good morning, thanks for asking at Peritonitis is an inflammatory condition in the lining of the abdominal wall whose purpose is to protect organs in the stomach. This inflammation can occur by bacterial and fungal infections. If left untreated, this condition can cause infection to spread throughout the body and endanger lives.

There are various factors that can increase a person's risk of developing peritonitis, including:

Liver disorders Having pelvic inflammation Rupture of internal organs such as a broken appendix or a ruptured stomach Stomach injury due to a knife puncture Postoperative in the abdominal area Diseases of the digestive tract such as inflammation of the intestine and diverticulitis

Handling this condition can be in the form of medication or surgery, depending on the situation, causes, and severity of the patient. This condition can also lead to complications, namely when the infection has spread to the bloodstream in the form of sepsis. Sepsis can make sufferers have blood pressure dropped dramatically, and make various organs fail.

Regarding your question, so far of course there are people who have survived peritonitis and there are people who have survived the condition of sepsis. But what you need to know is that as doctors, we cannot even guarantee even a cold experienced by someone to recover. We as doctors can not guarantee, that cough, diarrhea or acne will definitely heal, especially diseases that are classified as severe such as peritonitis and sepsis. We can only try to provide the best with the existing scientific and data. This is because there is too much to consider, such as the patient's age, sex, medical history and illness, length of stay in the hospital, the body's response to treatment, and many other things so that it is not easy for us to say for sure to recover, which on the other hand, we also cannot convict someone for definitely not recovering. That way, whatever the ailment, the potential to recover and not recover is there, only the percentage is different.

Our advice now, try to discuss and discuss with the doctor and family, what else can be done. If it is still possible to be referred to another hospital with more complete facilities and specialists, then consider this option. But if not, it means what the doctor said, that's the best. Continue to pray for your family, and keep control of its development. So, hopefully answering your question.

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