Can Polyps Trigger High Blood Pressure?

Illustration of Can Polyps Trigger High Blood Pressure?
Illustration: Can Polyps Trigger High Blood Pressure?

Good afternoon, permission to ask. Can symptoms of polyps trigger high blood pressure (hypertension)?

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Polyps are benign tissue growths, often due to chronic inflammation that can appear in any area of ​​the body, such as the nose, cervix, throat, etc. Clinical features include soft, shiny bumps and a stem.

Blood pressure (hypertension) is a condition in which the pressure in the artery walls increases above normal. Normal blood pressure levels are below 120/80. And it has been said of hypertension when the levels are above 140/90. Blood pressure between normal and hypertension is a condition of prehypertension.

Increased blood pressure can occur due to several factors such as the condition of blood vessels, blood volume, heart pump conditions, kidney conditions, expenditure of certain hormones, etc.

Psychological influences such as stress, pain, sadness, can also trigger an increase in blood pressure, although the effects are usually only temporary.

In general, polyps cannot directly trigger high blood pressure. Psychological effects arising from polyps such as discomfort, tightness (for example on nasal polyps), pain (wounded or infected polyps) can indirectly trigger increased blood pressure.

Hypertension itself must be diagnosed by measuring blood pressure at least 2 times, a range of at least 5 minutes. If blood pressure remains high, it can be said that someone suffers from hypertension and should have a healthy lifestyle and administration of antihypertensive drugs when necessary.

As for what should be done in patients with hypertension are:

DASH diet (low in salt, sugar, fat, and multiply fruits and vegetables)
Avoid stress
Regularly exercise especially aerobic type
If indeed blood pressure must be controlled with medication, take medication regularly and routinely control blood pressure at least once a month to monitor blood pressure and see the therapeutic response

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