Can Preauricular Sinus Heal Without Surgery?

Illustration of Can Preauricular Sinus Heal Without Surgery?
Illustration: Can Preauricular Sinus Heal Without Surgery?

Good night, my doctor experienced preauricular sinus from the age of the children until now I am 22 years old, I have been treated everywhere but not recovered. Healed only temporarily but came again and again, last year I had a small operation but now it is swollen again … Please answer and thank you

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Hello Parida Sukmawati,

Preauricular sinus is a congenital disorder that is quite often found in newborns. This disorder causes a defect in the form of a small hole bounded by the skin (pit) in the front of the ear. Preauricular sinus can occur on one side or both. In some rare cases, the preauricular sinus is one manifestation of other syndromes suffered by the patient.

Preauricular sinus can easily become dirty and infected, causing symptoms of swelling, redness, pain, and discharge of pus due to abscess formation. This usually occurs repeatedly, because the area is very small and difficult to clean independently. The diagnosis of preauricular sinus is based on clinical symptoms and physical examination. Handling of cases of infected preauricular sinus can be done by administering antibiotics or by operating a drainage incision to remove pus. Surgery to close the hole and remove the preauricular sinus tract is recommended for patients who have recurrent infections. Further consultation can be done with ENT specialists.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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